• We are the energy
    We supply the most significant retailers in Central Europe.

Eljet lTD.

Eljet Ltd. company is interested in new and high-tech products, which we can
offer to customers on the markets in Central Europe through our own online retail stores
or through our wholesale partners.

Increasing standard

We are getting bigger every day.
We supply the biggest retailers in the Czech republic. 

Large storage capacity

With own warehouses we are ready to satisfy booth wholesale
and retail demand of our customers.

Foreign activities

We have also our shopping points abroad especially
in Central Europe countries. We cooperate with Slovakia, Serbia, Germany, Netherland and so on.

Own brand

We also distribute our own brands to retailers in Czech republic and Slovakia. 

Own retail online stores

We have our own retail online stores for our end customers.
We distribute our portfolio through diversified channels - retail and wholesale.


You are more than welcome at one of our online retail stores. Come and visit us.

Online store www.POWERGUY.cz


Batteries for cell phones, cameras. Solar chargers, powerbanks, aroma diffusers, humidifiers, Electronic toys.

Online store KOLONOZKA.cz


Electric mobility based online store. Hoverboards, electric longboards, skateboards, electric scooters.

Online Store www. POWERGUY.sk


Batteries for cell phones, cameras. Solar chargers, powerbanks, aroma diffusers, humidifiers, Electronic toys.

our products

Do you want to be one of our suppliers?
Are you interested in distribution and marketing support of your products on dynamic market of Central Europe?


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Contact us

Eljet Ltd.

Prague 6
Kladenská 278/61
+420 733 694 400

VAT: CZ01504134

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